Learn from Plato: Rein in the Emotions

Look at the picture. Plato says we can learn about ourselves from a two horse chariot.

The two horses are our emotions which can be good or bad. The reins are our will. The person in the chariot is our intellect.

Common sense tells us that if the two horses are allowed to run wild there will be an almighty crash. The same goes for our emotions. If we do not keep our emotions in check there will be big trouble.

Back to the two horses. The driver must keep them in check – this is the job of the reins. It is the same with us. Our will is our reins. We must use our will to keep our emotions in check.

Last, an obvious point. If the driver of the chariot does not know where he is going he will not know where to guide the chariot. This is where the driver’s intellect comes in. He must think first before he rushes off in his chariot. It is the same with us. We must think things through before we act. If we do not, our emotional horses may bolt dragging us into all sorts of big trouble. The saying “look before you leap” sums it up!

Clever chap, Plato!

Keep safe


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