The Story of Kiera Cariad from Romania – Part 1

The full story is now online. Please click here. Thank you.


In 2019 my wife and I traveled to East Sussex in England to visit Anna and Rosanne (my wife’s cousin). It was there, where they live in a beautiful village, that we met Kiera, a dog from Romania, who lives with them. Of course “owner” is the wrong word. You cannot “own” a companion with whom you have a lifelong bond and love. Kiera is such a companion,

The story of how Kiera came into their lives is a remarkable one which brings to mind the words of Hamlet:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

I leave it to Anna to tell you how Kiera came into their lives. Be ready to be amazed.

Anna’s story in her own words

The passing of a dear friend


My beautiful labrador Muffin decided to cross Rainbow Bridge on the evening of my birthday June 23rd 2015. She was a very sensitive creature and after her departure, I was able to find her occasionally on the ‘other side’. Mindful of too much disturbance, I was careful not to do the communication regularly  but often felt her serene presence anyway when out walking alone.

The search begins

After some travels to South Africa and settled once again at home, I began to feel the need for another canine companion. Another labrador? Perhaps a different colour this time? I began my search……I looked at breeders and costs but couldn’t seem to make up my mind.

Contact with Muffin

Finally, still not sure and now being in my 70s, it seemed perhaps a bit more prudent to offer a home to a more needy creature, ie a rescue. Still convinced I was looking for another labrador, I began my search in earnest. I visited all my local shelters and spent hours looking at dogs online but somehow could never quite see ‘ that  special one’ who was to be my companion.
‘Time to call in Muffin’, I thought, and so the meditation began. After several attempts Muffin came through and showed me a pic of a beautiful dog, golden in colour, some sort of German Shepherd perhaps or Husky but certainly not a labrador! I was stunned! But I was also immediately in love!

The message

(The pic is the one from Many Tears and also the same image I saw in the meditation)

The image appeared around 11pm in the evening.  Miraculously an email came through from a friend around the same time,  advising me to look at a gallery of dogs from a shelter in Wales called ‘ Many Tears.’ I had never heard of them but took a look immediately. Once again, I was stunned, but even more so this time…… heart raced….in fact jumped out of my body with surprise and shock!! For there, smiling at me, was the very image Muffin had sent me in the meditation!! I called to my friend to see and then with great excitement, I filled in the form online and sent it! Going to sleep after such an experience proved very difficult so in the night I sent a covering email to the shelter in a further effort to make sure I could secure this dog. She was from Romania and her name was Hera. 

Anna and her darling Kiera meet

After various formalities, my friend and I travelled to Llanelli in South Wales to meet Hera and hopefully bring her home. She was as beautiful as in her photo and seemed very happy to come home with us……about 5 hours in the car. I changed her name to Kiera Cariad (cariad being Welsh for darling) and now she is known mostly as just Kiera. It has turned out she has quite a history…….

The full version of the story is now online. Please click here.

Thank you


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