Climbing a Mountain by Tractor

I want to share with you something exciting we did a few months ago.

We went up a mountain by tractor and really enjoyed it. I am confident you would enjoy it too.

The tractor ride started at the foot of Langeberg mountain on Protea Farm about 29 km from Montague in the Western Cape of South Africa.

I will put some pictures below.

Make sure you phone first. When we arrived we paid and climbed aboard the trailer which is pulled up the mountain by a very powerful tractor (four massive wheels). The road to the top twists and curves.. The views are spectacular. Halfway up we stopped and were given delicious fruit. At the top is a large hut with a viewing platform More refreshments. The air is bracing .Cameras don’t stop clicking.

The mountain is 1500m high so from the top we could see for miles around including Robertson and beyond.

Then it was back down the winding and twisty road to the bottom where we enjoyed a delicious potjiekos. For those of you who are not from South Africa, a potjiekos is a mouth watering stew cooked in a large pot over a fire. The potjiekos definitely called for a second helping.

Here are three pictures. Please scroll down. Thank you.

Mighty wheels!
On the top
The viewing platform

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